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Science Toys for Kids

Toys and science go hand in hand. Children have been using toys for thousands of years. In those early days, the toys were simple and made from everyday objects, like wood or stone. But it shows that, even back then, it was a necessary part of a child’s road to adulthood. Playing means learning. It is just the type of toys that makes the difference, from those early days, against those we can find in stores and online today.

Educational toys started to become more popular in the early 19th century when child labor laws became more strict. This meant that more children started to go to school and the focus of a child’s upbringing shifted more towards education. One of the most popular brands of educational toys started in 1949 in Denmark. The Lego brand was and still is one of the most recognizable toy brands on the planet.

We played with it when we were young and now our children are playing with it. And if not with Lego, they are using some other type of building blocks to play and build with. The interlocking building blocks have come a long way to the advanced structures that can be built with some of the sets available today. Moving towards recreating a child’s favorite movie item or scenes from those movies made the brand even stronger.

On this website we will explore educational toys and books about different sciences:

Astronomy: There is no better way to learn about our solar system and the universe than by using a microscope. It unlocks never before seen worlds and will help to get a child excited about his or her place in the universe. And of course how interesting would it be to learn more about our solar system, the planets and all the other interesting things floating around.

Chemistry: Understanding chemistry is almost like better understanding the world around us. Chemistry is found in all walks of life. From medicine and engineering to farming and nature. Learning about atoms and the periodic table is a good early start for kids.

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Electronics: This is a fascinating subject. Learning how electricity and circuit boards work can be tough, but through the use of educational electronic toys, this subject can be made much easier to understand. Circuit kits can start of very basic and advance to help to understand the whole concept behind electronics.

Physics: another division of science that can help with the development of motor skills, concentration and the better understanding of science in a whole. Building kits are available for all age groups and is great for recreational while learning.

Other types of scientific educational toys we will be looking at are for Botany, Robotics, Archaeology, Biology and Earth Sciences.

Let's take a look at studies done:

We all want only the best for our children. That’s why we are always on the lookout for ways to teach and educate them to give them the best opportunities when they grow older. Science toys for kids are one way of achieving this.

It could be a wonderful way to teach your children the importance of science and technology. You may ask the question. Why is science so important? Well, we all know about STEM education, and if you don’t, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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  • According to studies, early development and interest in STEM during their younger years, can have an impact on their interests later in life. This early interest may result in excellent career opportunities in their future.
  • Children are naturally good learners. Learning while playing will help with their intellectual development. Using educational toys will improve the develepment.
  • ¬†Key life skills can be developed through the use of science. Communication, organisation and concentration skills are all important skills that gets enhanced through the use of science.
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