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Astronomy for kids is a great way to teach your kids about our solar system, galaxies, space travel and of the universe in a whole. I know that most youngsters have looked up at the sky at night and wondered what was going on up there. They see the moon and the stars, but what does it really mean to them. It’s not always easy to explain if you are not an expert yourself. The solution: educational toys about space and the universe.

There are a few things that will help in the explanation of what’s up there. These are items, besides the regular toys, that are always popular among kids and adults alike.

Therefor my list of the five most important and helpful astronomy toys for kids are:

Telescope for Astronomy

Compared to the first telescopes that was created more than 400 years ago, even kids toy telescopes today looks and works better. And it is also much cheaper and easier to come by.

Are you looking for the best telescope for kids or the best telescope for teenagers? You have come to the right place. We will look at telescopes for all ages and also at several price ranges. We can’t all afford the best, but we do need something that will do the best job of educating our children.

Planetarium View

What could be a better way to learn about the stars than having a home planetarium. You can either have a Solar System model where the kids will be able to see and touch the planets up close. Or you can try a projector planetarium. The latter will project against the ceiling or wall of the room for an amazing display of the stars and other celestial objects.

With the projector you can get the kids to go to bed quite easy. Simply switch it on and let them explore the stars until they fall asleep. With several different options of scenes to look at that will help to keep this a long lasting experience.

Planetarium Blocks

3. Building Kits

We all know how important it is for children to use their hands while playing. It helps with development of concentration and motor skills. And what better way to learn than with building blocks or building kits related to astronomy for kids.

Probably the two best known companies in this category must be Lego and Meccano. While Lego is a perfect option for younger kids, the Meccano sets will be a great hit with teens. I had several Meccano sets myself and still played with it until I was about sixteen.

Rocket Toy

4. Rockets

These are fun astronomy toys for kids. Even though you will find stuff for younger kids, I think this category is more for the older kids or teens. I am not talking full on rockets that can hurt anyone, but more rockets driven by physics.

This is one of those toys that will get the kids to go outside more. For fresh air and much needed Vitamin D. You should not only think education here, but also the health of your child.

Astronomy Books fro Kids

5. Books

This one is my favorite. I’ve loved books since the first day I could read and still do today. I think if you look back through the last few decades, books is probable the one thing that has always entertained and educated kids.

Books do not only educate, but is such a remarkable way for kids to keep themselves busy while learning. And reading a lot has proven to be an excellent way of developing the brain. So we will not only look at educational books, but also story books about astronomy for kids.

Astronomy Career Opportunities

Here are some possible career opportunities in the astronomy field:

  • Lecturer at University – teaching what you know about your subject of astronomy to educate the astronomers of tomorrow.
  • Astronomer – Astronomy is the study of the planets, solar system and overall the universe and how the physics behind it works.
  • Astrophysicist – You will study the same as an astronomer but also the chemistry behind the objects in the universe and how it started.

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