Chemistry for Kids

chemistry lab

What is Chemistry for Kids?

We’ve all seen movies about mad scientists doing crazy chemistry experiments. They usually want to take over the world or try to become invisible. Well, they had to start their crazy careers somewhere. I’m not saying that you should train your children to be crazy, over the top mad scientists with crazy hairstyles and white coats. No, but just think about the possibilities your child will have if they use scientific toys from a young age. Specifically toys about chemistry for kids.
But you may ask. What exactly is chemistry? And why should my children know more about it? The simple truth is that chemistry is all around us in our everyday lives. We just don’t always notice it. Here are a few examples:

  • Medicine – Just look on the side of a box of tablets. It’s all chemistry and somebody had to figure it out (Chemist)
  • Biology – The human body is made up of many different elements of which oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon make up about 93%. (Biologist)
  • Food – Chemistry plays a huge role when it comes to food. Firstly when the plants that we eat is grown, chemistry is used to keep them healthy and pest free. The food that we eat is made up of ingredients. A simple example is a loaf of bread or cake that rises with heat. Preserving foods uses chemicals to keep the food fresher for longer. (Farmer, Chef, Baker)
  • Engineering – Everyday electronic devices like televisions and computers all make use of chemistry in their design. (Engineer)

Everything we see and touch every day is made up of matter. Chemistry is the study of matter and how that matter interacts with energy.

The Best Chemistry Toys:

As you can see, chemistry is a very interesting subject and influences almost everything in our day to day lives. Let’s see which chemistry toys could be helpful for your kids:

Molecule sample

Every worthy chemist must know the periodic table by heart. Start them young and in a playful way. Molecule builders will help it all make sense if they can see and touch the actual objects.

Chemistry set

I loved these as a child. It was so much fun to try and do something I wasn’t supposed to do. Like building something that could explode or to play a prank on my friends. Luckily they did not add those type of components to the chemistry sets I used. Make sure the set also includes a microscope.

Chemistry books

Reading is still the best way to learn anything. Buy the correct book, and your kids could be busy for hours. While learning.

Possible Careers in Chemistry:

  • Teacher – I know some of us are all too glad to finish school and would prefer to never go back, but teaching could be a really fulfilling career. Educating somebody else in anything makes you feel like you have accomplished something amazing.
  • Chemical Engineer – These are the people that turn raw materials into useful everyday products. Some of the branches to follow could be energy, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and oil or gas. There are lots more, but I feel these four are really important.
  • Forensic scientist – Some of us really enjoy TV programs like CSI. Well, those forensic scientists are also experts in chemistry. It’s amazing chemistry involved in studying the hair or blood of a person, pieces of clothing, flammable substances or other elements involved with these type of investigations.
  • Nanotechnologist – (Nanotechnology is the study of things on a nanoscale (that is 1 billionth of a meter). I think any career in Nanotechnology will be a great choice as nanotech is the science of the future.
  • Other choices – Other career choices may be Pharmacologist, Analytical chemist, toxicologist and more…

As you can see, Chemistry is such an interesting subject and holds so many possibilities for your kids when they are grown up. And that is why chemistry toys for kids is such a great idea.