Other Science Toys

Other Sciences

Other Types of Science Toys:

Let’s look at some other science toys. I have decided to include some other branches of science on a separate page. Science consists of so many different branches, but I will only look at some of the more popular ones. Most kids won’t be interested in Helminthology or Ichthyology, so let’s stick to the better-known ones.
To me personally, the following ones are very interesting, so I will concentrate mostly on them. But in future, and if I find really interesting educational toys of any of the other branches, they will be included as well.

archaeology and science

This is the study of prehistory and history of humankind, all the way back from the stone age, to only decades into the past. Archaeology is considered a social science and closely related to anthropology. The idea of archaeology is to survey, excavate and then analyze data that is collected from the past. This can help us to understand history and culture better and how societies evolved and changed through different ages.

biology and science

The study of life and living organisms is called biology. It includes the structure of physical organisms, the chemical processes in organisms and the complexity of life, molecular biology that concerns cells, and more.

botany and science

This is the study of plant biology. It involves the study of the structure of plants, its growth and reproduction, and its development and evolution. Botany can also be called plant science and is a branch of biology.

earth sciences

Earth science or geoscience is a natural science about things related to planet earth. The characteristics of the planet are studied. Anything that has a physical impact on the planet.

Robotics is considered part science and part engineering. Robotics is all about the designing, building, and operating of robots. It also includes the systems used to control them and how information is processed.

Check out these amazing robots in action: