Physics for Kids

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What is Physics for Kids?

You may ask what is physics for kids and why is physics toys for kids important? Well, physics is one of the most important scientific disciplines. Physics is a natural science that studies matter its movement and its behavior in space and time. That also includes how matter relates to force and energy.
We all know the story of Isaac Newton. Sitting in his garden when an apple falls on his head. Lucky for him it was an apple tree and not a coconut tree. But that is where his brilliant mind came up with
the theory of gravity. Your kids may not come up with their own theories and make remarkable discoveries simply by playing with physics toys, but it could steer them in the right direction for a better understanding of physics and how it impacts their daily lives.
The reason why physics is so important is that it makes up everything happening in our day to day lives. Everything from throwing the ball for the dog to fetch, all the way to watching television or doing exercise.

My choice of the best physics toys for kids:

So if you want your kid to be a young Einstein and start on their road to discovery of the scientific, and in this case, the physics world, I have selected what I think is the best physics toys for kids:

Physics Kit

Science kits to consider is those with several different possibilities of experiments. Children can sometimes lose focus quite fast when something becomes repetitive. A kit with lots of options will keep their minds occupied for longer while learning.

building blocks

These are almost like science kits, but children can build vehicles or structures. These can have different shapes and designs and again I feel it is important to look for items that are multi-purpose.

Educational Software

I am not talking about The Sims or Far Cry. I mean games that can actually help to educate. You can find some amazing games (or maybe call it play software) that will teach science in a way that will be impossible to do in real life.

Physics books

These are not the ones prescribed from school. I am talking about books that are fun to use and will be able to teach at the same time.

Possible Careers in Physics:

  • Physics Teacher or Lecturer – I think one of the best parts of physics is to explain and demonstrate it to others. Teaching is very demanding, but also a worthwhile career.
  • Design Engineer – A design engineer takes part in the initial idea, the design, development, and management of projects. These projects can be part of sectors like components, machinery, software, construction, the environment and many more. Types of design engineers (chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and software).
  • Data Analyst – As the name suggests, data analysts need to understand data and how to manipulate it to make it more understandable. This can happen through visual, verbal or written communication. A data analyst needs to be well organized and be outstanding when attention to detail. Areas of expertise are finance, marketing, sales and more…

These are not the only options. You will be able to find plenty more that you can research, e.g. lab technician, IT consultant, application engineer, laser engineer, etc.

Einstein E=MC2

You can see that physics is a remarkable field of science. If you want to get your child ready for their future and you think that physics is the way to go, please research it more, as the possibilities are countless.